Want Your Business to Succeed? Act Like It

The organizational reality of many businesses today is quite alarming. Many executives lack confidence in their leadership pipelines, but only a tiny percentage of companies believe they are effectively developing their leaders. Most workers feel they are not reaching their full potential in their current position, but they are willing to learn new skills to remain employable. Training and development are necessary for employees, yet most organizations do not offer leadership training (See Stats Here).

This tells us that many businesses have a big problem but do nothing about it. This recipe will not result in success, and ignoring these problems and hoping they resolve themselves is not a winning strategy. Business is like chess, not checkers. Winning requires a serious strategy.

Analogy to Military Strategy

Imagine you are a general leading a military force facing an adversary that is constantly improving, innovating, and preparing for battle. Would you cut training and development efforts for your troops or rely on untrained instructors? Would you recognize the problem but do nothing about it?

The same principle applies in business. Businesses are facing adversaries who threaten to invade their territory to take market share. Or perhaps you lead an organization seeking to seize the market share of other organizations. Either way, the effectiveness and success of an organization largely depend on continual training and leadership development provided by highly-trained instructors. Neglecting these efforts can lead to losing the advantage or even defeat.

Similarities between Business and War

Business and war share many similarities, including the need for planning, adaptation to change, competition, and training and leadership development. Both require strong, trained, and productive leaders to succeed. Companies must respond to market changes and shifts in consumer demand, just as military leaders must adjust to unexpected developments on the battlefield.

Of course, the comparison between war and business is valid for several reasons. If nothing else, consider the similarities in terms of the stakes involved. In war, lives, liberties, families, and communities are at risk, while in business, livelihoods, careers, families, and communities are also impacted. And either way, both require strong, trained, productive, ethical, and prosperous organizations to come out as victors.

Invest in Leadership Development

Your strategic advantage is found in doing the beneficial things that other organizations are unwilling to do. Consider the statistics and know that many of your competitors are not willing to invest in the training and development of their “troops.” For organizations and individuals to remain competitive, improve skills and knowledge, and adapt to change, you have to train and train often. Of course, doing so also promotes a positive workplace culture and helps retain employees.

Investing in leadership development is crucial for success in today’s rapidly changing business world. If you want to win the battles you face, the solution is simple. Recognize the opportunity and strategic advantage and then act accordingly. The reward will be a strong, adaptable, and competitive business ready to face any challenge