About GrassFire

GrassFire is a leadership coaching and development company founded and headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.

Our Purpose

To provide superior, ethical, innovative and socially responsible leadership development training for those who seek it.

Unique Positions

  • GrassFire provides coaching and development services in a variety of different disciplines.
  • Our service is customized to the student or client and is not dictated by a set structure. We aim to serve our customers; not force our customers to conform to us.
  • Rather than focus on large bonuses and massive profits, the emphasis is on our clients and employees.

Mission Statement

GrassFire Industries LLC will provide both personal and professional leadership development opportunities via one-on-one training and education to all those who seek it. GrassFire seeks to empower our students to become leaders in both their personal and professional lives via outward examination, self-reflection, and leadership skill development.

Vision Statement

GrassFire Industries LLC will be a top-tier and trusted name in the Leadership Development industry with the reputation that our students and clients are our most prized asset.