Welcome to the dynamic universe of GrassFire Industries LLC, where innovation, transformation, and empowerment converge. As a beacon of holistic growth, we are proud to introduce a constellation of services that span the realms of health and wellness, leadership excellence, and skills enhancement. Each brand under our umbrella carries the torch of expertise, resonating with unique facets of personal and professional development. From the groundbreaking LEIP program, which ignites leadership potential, to the transformative OptiHealth Insights, SkillSync Academy, and StratEdge Solutions, the mission is to guide individuals and organizations on a journey of empowerment, discovery, and achievement. With a commitment to fostering growth, knowledge, and well-being, GrassFire Industries LLC is your partner in elevating aspirations and illuminating pathways to success.

Dr. David M Robertson

Quick Facts About Your Practitioner

Dr. David M Robertson

Prescribing Solutions for Organizational Ailments and Leadership Challenges.

  • – NLA-Verified Leaderologist
  • – Education & Specialties:
    • Leadership
    • Organizational Development
    • Health Science
    • Adult Education
  • – Host of the “Leaders Last” Podcast

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NOTE: It is critical that the person teaching leadership is well-versed in leadership principles. If they are not, you will likely receive pseudo-leadership advice and information which may hinder results. Learn More

Services Offered

There are several ways that I can help individuals and organizations.

1/2 of all employees are somewhat or not engaged, and 74% believe they are not reaching their full potential and desire more learning opportunities.


Science has repeatedly shown that Professional Leadership Development is the answer. L.E.I.P. (Leadership Excellence in Practice) is professional leadership development conducted by a highly experienced leaderologist.


60% of adults feel nervous or anxious, 53% chronically worry, 48% report feeling down, depressed, or hopeless, and 47% say they feel lost.


SkillSync Academy unlocks individuals’ potential through transformative coaching and training programs. My mission is to bridge the gap between knowledge and application, empowering my clients to thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving world.


61% of organizations don’t offer development programs to their people, costing 7% or more of total annual sales when such efforts are ignored. 


StratEdge Solutions delivers strategic leadership insights, bridging visionary thinking with actionable strategies. This program guides businesses and individuals toward sustainable growth, fostering innovation and propelling success through meticulous research, comprehensive analysis, and collaborative strategic planning.


The CDC reports that 60% of adults in the US have a chronic disease, and 40% have two or more. They suggest lifestyle and behavior are the leading causes.


OptiHealth Insights combines evidence-based research with personalized coaching, offering tailored strategies for holistic well-being.


5 Quick Facts About

1. GrassFire has been based in Wichita KS since 2018

2. GrassFire has been a member of WIBA since 2019

3. GrassFire Provides Customized and 1-on-1 Development Services

4. GrassFire is a small business – a single-member LLC

5. GrassFire offers scholarships in certain situations

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