Dr. David M Robertson

Quick Facts About Your Practitioner

Dr. David M Robertson

Prescribing Solutions for Organizational Ailments and Leadership Challenges.

  • – NLA-Verified Leaderologist
  • – Education & Specialties:
    • Leadership
    • Organizational Development
    • Health Science
    • Adult Education
  • – Host of the “Leaders Last” Podcast

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NOTE: It is critical that the person teaching leadership is well-versed in leadership principles. If they are not, you will likely receive pseudo-leadership advice and information which may hinder results. Learn More

Areas of Practice

There are several ways that I can help individuals and organizations.

The Statistics Are Alarming!

And Likely Grossly Under-Reported


1/2 of all employees are somewhat or not engaged, and 74% believe they are not reaching their full potential and desire more learning opportunities.

Leadership development can make all the difference.


61% of organizations don’t offer development programs to their people, costing 7% or more of total annual sales when such efforts are ignored. 

Organizational development is your strategic advantage.


60% of adults feel nervous or anxious, 53% chronically worry, 48% report feeling down, depressed, or hopeless, and 47% say they feel lost.

Personal development can help you find purpose again.


The CDC reports that 60% of adults in the US have a chronic disease and 40% have two or more. They suggest lifestyle and behavior are the leading causes.

Health education can empower you with the science-based information you need.

5 Quick Facts About

1. GrassFire has been based in Wichita KS since 2018

2. GrassFire has been a member of WIBA since 2019

3. GrassFire Provides Customized and 1-on-1 Development Services

4. GrassFire is a small business – a single-member LLC

5. GrassFire offers scholarships in certain situations

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