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At GrassFire Industries LLC, we don’t just teach “WHAT” leadership is; we teach the “HOW” to do it. Gain the clarity and motivation necessary to achieve your personal as well as business goals. Our programs are great for both professional and personal purposes, and our unique way of teaching helps the lessons stick. 

Our Most Popular Options

One-on-One – Good for Individuals, New or Existing Managers & Executives

This is a one-on-one leadership and talent development program that is customized to each student. This program requires 14 classes* that will cover the foundations of leadership as well as advanced leadership ideas such as leadership execution, bias control, strategic decision making & thinking, strategic questioning, selling yourself, coping, influence, adapting and so much more.

Classes: 14 – 90 minutes

*Out of area classes are condensed into 3 whole days. 

CLICK HERE to learn about the One-On-One Advantage.

Group Setting – Great for Employees & Individuals

This is three days of leadership training designed for groups. This program is great for those looking to explore leadership principles, align with organizational goals and/or prepare for a leadership position. We cover a variety of topics ranging from navigating change, personal leadership and goal setting to things like prioritization, effective communication, overcoming failure and more.

  • 60 to 90 minute classes
  • Free email support while in the program
  • Classes can be in person or over tech
  • Discounts for 10, 15 and 25 class commitments
  • Get 5 free classes upon renewal
  • This program covers EVERYTHING!
  • See our FAQ for more on this. 
"Remember: a TRAINED leader is a BETTER leader!"
David Robertson | MSL

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