Dr. David M Robertson, MSL

Dr. David M Robertson

Leaderologist & Leadership Industry Advocate


I am a seasoned professional with a strong drive to assist individuals and organizations reach their maximum potential. My diverse background in sales, radio, finance, research, marketing, market analysis, strategic planning, graphic design, entrepreneurship, health, education, leadership, and organizational development provide me with a unique set of skills that I bring to my role as an instructor. I have earned undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in leadership, advanced education in health science and education, as well as multiple undergraduate and continuing education certificates in various fields. Additionally, I host “Leaders Last,” a leadership podcast, which allows me to share my expertise and insights with a wider audience.

In addition to my work as an instructor, I am also active in various committees and small business boards, and I am dedicated to giving back to my community. When I’m not working, you can find me camping, listening to music, riding motorcycles, or enjoying the outdoors. I am a loving father, son, and brother, and I have a keen interest in history and health.

I am confident that my expertise and passion can help you or your organization succeed. Contact me to learn more and get started on your journey to success.

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Leaderology speaks to me because of its complexity and the opportunities it presents for personal and professional growth. Leadership is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses a wide range of subjects, including leadership theories, practical applications, strategic forecasting and decision-making, organizational theory and development, performance improvement, team development, motivation and influence techniques, change models, negotiating, facilitation, bias evaluation and control, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, human mind heuristics, organizational structure, psychology, business, international business, global trends, and so much more. It is a discipline that requires continuous learning and growth, and it is much more than just memorizing a few famous quotes. I am passionate about delving into the various aspects of leadership and helping others do the same.

I chose to study health science because I am passionate about the role it plays in enabling individuals to lead effectively. Many people struggle with chronic health issues that can impede their ability to reach their full potential, and I am committed to providing my students with the knowledge and resources necessary to overcome these challenges.

As a health science professional, I specialize in understanding all aspects of health and disease prevention, with a focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of illness. I am not satisfied with simply treating symptoms and instead, I collaborate with my clients to empower them to take control of their health and make informed decisions. With my advanced education and expertise in areas such as physical activity epidemiology, exercise prescription, health and fitness psychology, alternative health solutions, applied nutrition and supplementation, and general sports medicine, I am able to offer a wide range of support to my clients. Whether you are striving to improve your overall health, prevent disease, or optimize your fitness and performance, I am here to help you achieve your goals.

I was drawn to the field of education because of my belief in the importance of sharing knowledge. I wanted to gain the necessary skills and expertise to effectively impart knowledge to others, which is why I focused my studies on education strategy, hands-on teaching and decision making, research methods, curriculum design, program planning and evaluation, education approaches and evaluations, and education procedures. I am convinced that education is a powerful tool for creating positive change, and I am dedicated to utilizing my knowledge and skills to assist others in their learning and growth journey.

  • Doctorate
    • Leadership
      • Health Science
      • Education
  • Master of Science
    • Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Leadership
      • Security MGMT
  • Undergraduate Certificate – Operational Leadership
  • Undergraduate Certificate – Homeland Security
  • Professional Certificate – Active Shooter Workshop / Trainer | DHS
  • Continued Ed Certificate – Agile Leadership
  • Continued Ed Certificate – Qualitative Research Methods
  • Leadership, Business, & Security
    • Leadership and Influence
    • Resilient Leadership
    • Business Strategy & Competitive Advantage
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Strategic Leadership in Healthcare
    • Organizational Culture and Change in Healthcare
    • Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
  • Health and Wellness
    • Lifestyle Medicine
    • Lifestyle Medicine Treatments of Chronic Disease
    • Disease Prevention and Management
    • Viruses & How to Beat Them
    • Human Microbiome
    • Autophagy: Roles in Health and Disease