I have been teaching leadership principles and organizational development in various roles since 2009. I have an undergraduate, master’s, and a doctorate in leadership along with several undergraduate and continuing education certificates in leadership as well. I have dedicated my life to this discipline. Understand that I am not bragging. I am applying to be your leadership development professional. 

Clearly, leadership studies is a passion of mine. That is one of the reasons why my program gets the results that it does! However, I don’t want you to take my word for it. I invite you to read the testimonials and then reach out to my former students if you need to.

However, my life isn’t all about teaching leadership. I am proud to sit on a few committees of various organizations, including a Government Affairs Committee and Small Business Boards. I like to get involved and help others. Additionally, I’m a loving father, son, and brother. Other interests include history and health, and I do considerable research in these areas. Finally, I love camping, music, motorcycles, and long walks on the beach!

I look forward to meeting you!

Simply put, I love the challenge. The discipline of leadership starts with what most might assume, like leadership theories, practical applications, and the evaluation of some great and not-so-great leaders (both past and present). What many do not know is that there is much more to the discipline. For example, strategic forecasting and decision-making, research methods, motivation techniques, change models, negotiating, facilitation, bias evaluation and control, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, human mind heuristics, organizational structuring, psychology, business, international business and global trends, qualitative and quantitative analysis, influence and behavior evaluation are just a few of the many other elements of leadership. It is a highly challenging discipline that cannot be learned in a week, and there is definitely a lot more to leadership than just a fancy quote.

In my opinion, health and leadership go hand-in-hand. To make our best decisions, we need to be thinking at peak performance. That is hard to do when we do not feel well. Unfortunately, over half of the population is dealing with at least one chronic ailment. I want to ensure my students get whatever information they need to ensure their best outcomes. Health science is a great vehicle for that. 

Health science is about studying all aspects of health, disease prevention, root causes of disease, and finding real solutions. I’m not interested in symptom management. I chose health science because I felt that I could do more good helping my clients find the information and solutions they need and helping them to make that information actionable. I chose to focus some of my advanced education on physical activity epidemiology, disease prevention, exercise prescription, health & fitness psychology (with a Cognitive-Behavioral Orientation), alternative health solutions, applied nutrition & supplementation, general sports medicine, etc. and fitness training and coaching.

  • Doctorate  | UC
    • Leadership
    • Health Science
  • Master of Science | SC
    • Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science | SC
    • Leadership
    • Security Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate – Operational Leadership | SC
  • Undergraduate Certificate – Homeland Security | SC
  • Professional Certificate – Active Shooter Workshop / Trainer | DHS
  • Continued Ed Certificate – Agile Leadership | UMD
  • Continued Ed Certificate – Qualitative Research Methods | MIT
  • Continued Ed Certificate – Foundations in Hypnotherapy | HMI
  • Leadership and Business
    • Leadership and Influence | UMD
    • Business Strategy & Competitive Advantage | Wharton
    • Entrepreneurship | MIT
    • Strategic Leadership in Healthcare | Doane
    • Organizational Culture and Change in Healthcare | Doane
  • Health and Wellness
    • Lifestyle Medicine | Doane Univ.
    • Lifestyle Medicine Treatments of Chronic Disease | Doane Univ.
    • Disease Prevention and Management | Doane Univ.
    • Viruses & How to Beat Them | Tel Aviv Univ.
    • Human Microbiome | Wageningen
    • Autophagy: Roles in Health and Disease | Tokyo Tech