Meet Our Leaders

David Robertson | MSL

Researcher and Leadership Expert, David M Robertson holds a Master's of Science in Leadership, a Bachelor's of Science in Leadership, and several educational certificates including one in Operational Leadership.

Robertson is also the author of several great books including Reasoned Leadership and his work has been featured in hundreds of publications including multiple books and articles spanning numerous topics including leadership, economics, health, history, politics, theology, consumer issues and more.

Robertson's professional successes range from business creation and designing well known graphics to building programs for fortune 500 companies.


Rachel Couch | L.E., CBE

Rachel engages her clients from the perspective that we can all become the authority on our own health and that your body is capable of healing itself. Her coaching philosophy is to focus on function and longevity rather than obtaining a specific number on the scale or size of clothing. Healthy weight is a side effect of a properly functioning body. When your body is functioning the way it is designed to, it will support sustained life and provide you with many years of valuable and enriching experiences that you will be able to enjoy. By shifting the focus to habit transformation people are able to learn lifelong skills that are easily adapted to changes they might encounter in the years to follow.

After graduating from Friends University Rachel continued her education to include a license in esthetics and a certification as a breastfeeding educator. She is also Level 1 Certified with Precision Nutrition, one of the most comprehensive and dynamic exercise nutrition coaching programs available. Rachel is also 200 RYT which she received from Ganesh Yoga Studio in Wichita Kansas.

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