David M Robertson | MSL

Hi there! 

Let me start by thanking you for your interest. 

So I've been teaching leadership in various roles since 2009. Arguably one of the few private "leadership specialists" in the region, I have developed and refined the several programs now being taught at GrassFire.

Leadership coaching seems to be a trend that many get into because they were told they could take a week-long seminar and get right to work. Not me! I take the discipline of leadership quite seriously, and I believe my academic path reflects this. I'm about to wrap up my Doctorate in Leadership; I hold a Master of Science in Leadership, a Bachelor of Science in Leadership, and undergrad and continuing education certificates in leadership. So not only am I well-versed in leadership theory and strategies, management analysis, organizational structuring, forecasting, and leading change, I am also educated in human behavior, human mind heuristics, motivation, and influence. Leadership studies is a passion, and that is why this program gets the results that it does!

I am proud to sit on a few committees of various organizations, including a Government Affairs Committee and Small Business Board. I like to get involved and help others. As for the rest of it, I'm a loving father, son, and brother. My interests are leadership, history, and health, and I do a considerable amount of research in these areas. Finally, I love camping, music, motorcycles, and long walks on the beach!

I look forward to meeting you!