Certificate Verification

Welcome to GrassFire’s online leadership development certificate verification page. Here, you can confirm the status and completion of an individual’s leadership training journey with GrassFire Industries LLC. I am committed to helping my graduates achieve their full potential and reach their goals, and I am proud to offer this resource as a way to verify their hard-won certification status. 

Official Record of Leadership Certificates

The information presented herein is the official record of the leadership certification status of various Leadership Development Graduates. GrassFire Industries LLC does not provide individually prepared letters of professional standing or verification of a graduates’s certification status. Please see the “Terms of Use” below. Note that search results are limited to ensure security. 

Instructions: Type the “Key” code (located at the bottom-left of the certificate) into the “Search” field below.

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Results Key:

  • Leadership Excellence In Practice – L.E.I.P.
  • Leadership Excellence Overview – L.E.O.
  • Foundations In Leadership – F.I.L.
  • Leadership Sales Training – L.S.T.

This directory is for use only by individuals and agencies to assist in the verification of active certifications held by specific individuals. Use of this directory for any other commercial or private use is prohibited. By using this directory, you agree to these terms.  

Personal information (address, email, phone, and social) is not provided for security reasons and such information is not entered into the database. Records display only name, certificate information and graduation time.

Note that students can opt-out of being listed. This may result in certain records not being found, or only limited information being displayed.

If you are a student and wish for your information to be omitted from this directory, please contact GrassFire Industries LLC and formally provide that request. 

Certificates issued before January of 2019 may not have a key printed on the document. If one is present, it may be hand written or affixed to the back on a label. These are valid but can be verified through our office if necessary. 

If you are a student and have not received your key yet, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with it. 

Replacement certificates can only be issued to the individual who completed the training, not the company or a representative. All replacement requests must be submitted in writing.

The letter must include:

  • Full name (as you want it on the certificate)
  • Mailing Address
  • Reason for replacement
  • Any course information you can recall (e.g. program, date, etc.)

This information will be verified before a replacement is provided.

Send the letter and a $5 personal check or money order made payable to GrassFire Industries LLC to:

GrassFire Industries LLC – 8406 W Maple St – Wichita, KS 67209

DO NOT send a business check.

You may also contact us through the Contact Page with the above information and we will arrange a call for you to use a personal credit card.

Certificates are controlled documents and the sole property of the individual.

Please contact us with any questions.

L.E.I.P. Graduates ONLY

Replacements can be provided with condition:

  • L.E.I.P. Graduation Verification 
  • Damaged – If your pin was damaged, you will need to provide proof of damage to get your replacement pin. Additionally, you will need to turn in your old damaged pin. 
  • Lost – If your pin was lost, you will be allowed one (1) replacement. This replacement will be documented. All attempts to find the lost pin should be made. If found, the old pin should be turned back in to GrassFire. Upon doing so, we will upgrade your replacement to “damaged” to ensure that you have the ability to get another replacement if your pin happens to get lost again.  

Replacement pins are provided at a rate of $10 (plus any shipping) if said conditions are met. 

Send personal check or money order made payable to GrassFire Industries LLC to:

GrassFire Industries LLC – 8406 W Maple St – Wichita, KS 67209

DO NOT send a business check.