Absolutely! If it’s done correctly! However, leadership development can fail when approached incorrectly.

Learn more by reading some of my latest research titled, “A Leadership Development Reality Check.

Part 1: Organizational Development Needs
Part 2: The Reality of Leadership Development
Part 3: Leadership Development Evaluations and Limitations
Part 4: The Right Trainer & The Novice Factor
Part 5: Management vs. Leadership
Part 6: Organizational Culture

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Great question! There are a few elements of Servant Leadership that I will teach but Servant Leadership is not the emphasis. However, there are a few great reasons for this. 

Servant Leadership is Not Always Practical

Aside from Servant Leadership (SL) sometimes appearing Laissez-Faire (Singfiel, 2018), SL is simply not the best approach for all organizations. In organizations where structure and protocols are essential, especially where time is essential and power cannot be shared, Servant Leadership is simply not the best choice (CAS5184, 2018). Ultimately, that weeds out many industries. Though, SL might be a decent option for non-profits.

The Validity of Servant Leadership Remains in Question

In my experience, many leadership-educated professionals avoid SL due to its known gaps. Aside from the confusion previously discussed, there are some holes that servant leadership has yet to address. For example, Servant Leadership scholars are still trying to hash out the core dimensions of the process and have yet to reach a consensus regarding the framework or universal definition of the approach (Northouse, 2016).

Adding to this confusion is that many practitioners and advocates of Servant Leadership are not really leadership researchers or leadership professionals concerned with its validity (Northouse, 2016). In fact, that is likely why so many many management professionals have begun to advocate the approach. Regardless, until leadership researchers and professionals can help Servant Leadership sure up some of its known gaps, and considering the importance of proven results when it comes to leadership development, SL is simply not be the best approach for those seeking specific leadership results.

Emotions Usually Don’t Fix Problems

When writing on the topic of Servant Leadership, Dr. Ken Blanchard stated that “The antidote for fear is love (Blanchard, 2018).” While this sounds nice, that is a scary proposition regarding organizational effectiveness and change. To be clear, the Servant Leader stresses the importance of feelings and inclusion over organizational performance. However, when it comes to organizational change and fear of what that change might ultimately bring, I’m afraid I have to disagree with his position. In my experience, emotions do not fix problems, they cause them. 

Instead, I tend to agree with Dr. Debasish Mridha when he said, “Fear comes from the lack of knowledge and a state of ignorance. The best remedy for fear is to gain knowledge (Mridha, n.d.).” In context, and in my experience, I have found that workers want truthful answers and information that empowers their abilities over being told that you care about them. Mindset can make all the difference when faced with organizational challenges, and some of the worst leaders I have ever worked under were both highly caring and entirely ineffective.

Remember: my job is to provide science-based, proven, and lasting results. I simply will not risk your investment, life, career, or organization on an unproven fad. 

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I teach a hybrid of leadership styles and theorems with an emphasis on Transformational and Strategic Leadership. This hybrid includes elements of Servant, Agile, Operational, Organizational, Tactical, Modern, Traditional, and several others. 

Transformational Leadership seeks to develop the team and organization. However, rather than placing so much emphasis on the emotional, it emphasizes the teams and the organizational vision instead. Also, and in my opinion, Transformational Leadership tends to generate more cohesive teams. Simply stated, Transformational Leadership focuses on developing teams and inspiring followers to work towards a common goal (Allen et al., 2016).

Strategic Leadership is the hard part and it is arguably what sets my program apart from so many others. Strategic Leadership is not something that is quickly learned or practiced, and it is not something that will be picked up over a weekend seminar. While highly effective, leaders should understand that college degrees are dedicated to its study. Therefore, a brief overview will likely not provide the depth necessary to understand its approach fully.

As Dr. Deedee Myers says, “Strategic leadership can be difficult to describe because it is highly complex and complicated (Myers, 2015).” This is to say that the competencies are vast, and implementing those competencies is a challenge. Furthermore, achieving Strategic Leadership as defined requires a great deal of knowledge and practice. However, the LEIP program uses a proprietary approach that expedites the understanding of some of the more critical components and provides the necessary tools to make it stick.

If you would like to learn more about Transformational Leadership, I have written an article titled, The Power of Transformational Leadership that you can find by CLICKING HERE.

Allen, G. P., Moore, W. M., Moser, L. R., Neill, K. K., Sambamoorthi, U., & Bell, H. S. (2016). The Role of Servant Leadership and Transformational Leadership in Academic Pharmacy. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 80(7), 113. doi:10.5688/ajpe807113
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There is, and the science is rather clear about their outcomes. Choose wisely. Leadership development can either be an amazing investment or a costly waste of time. 

Absolutely! That’s the best part! I customize every program to fit your individual needs and industry.

The leadership industry is unregulated. However, this also means that there are no regulatory bodies to provide such credentials outside of academia. Private leadership accreditation claims and leadership certifications not provided by universities are often nothing more than attempts to suggest competence or expertise where none exists. As of the time of this writing, the best way to ensure leadership competence and expertise is to examine the practitioner’s educational background. If the practitioner is not educated in leadership specifically, you will likely not get actual leadership education or advice.

I have a doctorate, master’s, and undergraduate degree in leadership specifically, as well we other leadership certificates. You can learn more about this background by visiting the “Meet David” page under “Company Info,” or CLICK HERE.

There is no up-sell and no extra materials to buy. The program is pretty straight forward so you know exactly what to expect regarding price and time. 

Countless reasons! Leadership development programs are not just an investment in an individual, they are an investment in your organization. In fact, according to Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Ph.D., a Professor of Management in the School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont, Leadership development is crucial to your business’ next stage of growth because it helps you and other emerging leaders in your company:

  • Develop strategies that give your business a competitive edge.
  • Figure out how your company can become more flexible, enabling you to prepare for and quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace.
  • Re-examine your business’ priorities, allowing you to pursue new opportunities and drop any efforts that aren’t worth the time or money.
  • More effectively manage your finances and growing profits, improving your business’ financial performance.
  • Implement sales and marketing strategies that help you carve out a niche in the marketplace.
  • Attract, motivate and retain employees who will be deeply engaged in supporting your goals and vision.

Absolutely! Studies show that such development improves employee efficiencies, productivity, happiness, and engagement. Who wouldn’t want that?

This program addresses personal issues as well. You’re not going to be on your game at work if you’re stressing about things going on at home. Personalized Leadership Development ensures you learn how to REALLY LEAD YOUR LIFE!


Yes! However, you should be aware that numerous studies demonstrate that group programs are not nearly as effective as individualized programs. This is because the approach for groups must be generalized and somewhat generic. Organizations should NOT expect the same results from a group program as they might receive from an individualized program.

That being said, I will and have worked with all sorts of groups and have a comfortable classroom available to accommodate. 

Leadership development programs are not just for leadership pros. They work great for for new-hires, recently promoted, or those simply on a mission to achieve their goals. 

I have the ability to service just about any industry there is. My position is that there really is no difference between life and leadership so our programs are pretty flexible. This is also why I have so many come to me for Personal Leadership Development.

The need for leadership is not industry specific so that’s why I customize your program to fit your needs and industry. 

Industries I have serviced so far include… 

  • Financial
  • Security / Investigations
  • Computers / I.T.
  • General Business
  • Medical
  • Health & Wellness
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Non-Profits
  • Faith-Based
  • Education
  • And Many More

Great question! Some students want to deep-dive into even more ways they can use the leadership skills they have learned. So, I created the “Mastery” class to do just that. 

This too is customized depending on what needs to be worked on. Topics often discussed here are things like…

  • Parental Leadership
  • Sales & Influence
  • Communicating
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships
  • Education Paths
  • Etc

It’s really all about learning the many ways our existing skills can be applied in our everyday lives to a better effect. However, I have even had clients use this service as a sounding board for their ideas. Contact me if you have a need, and I’ll we can get it figured out.  


Yes! This type of leadership development is not for everyone. However, a brief consultation will let us know if we are a match. If by chance this program is not a perfect fit, I am prepared to refer you to other programs that might be.

Payments: Students have the option to pay as they go or to pay for the entire course upfront.

Cancellations: Both GrassFire and the Student reserve the right to postpone or cancel any class or course.

Refunds: If a student cancels before our fourth class or within two weeks (whichever comes first), we will promptly refund the paid amount. This gives the student plenty of time to determine value. However, if a student cancels anytime after the third class or after the initial two weeks, we will promptly refund any prorated / unused amount (if applicable).

That’s not a problem! You can get Leadership Development and Leadership Coaching Online. We can utilize technology such as Skype or Google Hangouts for face-to-face interactions over the web, as well as phone for support sessions and email for continued communication.

That’s not a problem at all. In-office Leadership Development and Training takes place in our office in Wichita, Kansas. However, some organizations and individuals would like me to come to them. Just let me know what you need and where you need it and I’ll help figure out the details to make it work for you.


Generous discounts are extended to corporate partners who team up with GrassFire to provide leadership development services for their team members and organizational development services for their organization. Please contact me for more information. 

The Jonathan Sanchez Memorial Scholarship is a generous partial scholarship offered to a few individuals each year who are seeking leadership development on their own or to non-profits with limited resources. Learn more by CLICKING HERE.