At GrassFire, we prefer a mentor-style environment so that every student can experience true growth. One-on-one sessions allow solid and non-intimidating foundations to be poured, true participation in the material and actual dialog. As a result, our students develop their own unique style of leadership while enjoying a deeper understanding of the material. That’s because this program emphasizes critical reflection. GrassFire grads know that time invested in learning is wasted without time invested in critical reflection. 

Let us help you identify the leader within and help you build your leadership capability to achieve better results. With a stronger understanding about yourself, we’ll help you see your strengths and weaknesses so you can utilize them as tools. We’ll also explore personal and organizational goals as well as untapped resources and hidden strengths you may not have known about.

"David’s one-on-one strategic leadership training was just the medicine I needed to get out of my business slump. The changes and improvements I was able to make in building my business in just a few short weeks were all due to the encouragement from David and the skills and information he provided on life as leadership."

Here are 8 Reasons One-On-One's Work So Well