Services & Pricing

Not sure which program is right for you? Would you like to discuss your options or get a feel for me? That’s great! I offer free consultations. Let’s meet up and discuss it!


Customized Programs Include:

  • Vision and mission evaluation & development
  • Value proposition evaluation & development
  • Organizational structure analysis and development that supports the vision
  • Team building & cultural transformation
  • Internal leadership development program analysis and development
  • Best hiring practices
  • Start-up development
  • Security tips and resources
  • Active Shooter Readiness

$150/hr USD

Generous Discounts Available for Corporate Partners and LEIP Students/Graduates. 

For talent development and coaching, see “Leadership & Talent Development”

L.E.I.P. (Leadership Excellence In Practice)

Individualized 1-on-1 Leadership Development
Good for:
    • Executives & Entrepreneurs
    • Managers
    • Employees & Individuals

Included in this program:

  • Fourteen 2-hour classes (no less than 28 Hours Facetime)
  • Customized to individual needs, position, personality, industry, and natural leadership style
  • No less than 7 additional hours in assessment & refinement time
  • On-call Support (email, phone, zoom)
  • All needed materials
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Critical reflection exercises
  • Pre & Post Evaluations
  • Extra lessons as needed at no charge
  • Graduation Certificate w/ Key
  • L.E.I.P. Status w/ Pin
  • Graduation Gift Bag
  • Free Alumni Swag

This is a proprietary program utilizing a unique and proven behavior modification model. You will not find a similar program or result anywhere else!

Tuition: $6,125 USD

In office or digital meetings only (Zoom/Skype/etc.)

Generous Corporate Partner Rates Available. 

A limited number of generous partial scholarships are provided each year. These are primarily intended to assist participants from nonprofit organizations with limited resources but may be used by individuals not supported by an organization. Please contact me for more information.


L.E.O. (Leadership Excellence Overview) – GROUP PROGRAM

This program reflects the L.E.I.P. program but is designed for groups ranging from 5 to 10 students.

Included in this program:

  • Twelve 2.5 hour classes (30 hours)
  • Graduation Certificate w/ Key
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Alumni Swag

This Program DOES NOT Include:

  • Evaluations
  • Individualization
  • Critical Reflection Exercises
  • L.E.I.P. Status w/ Pin


Generous Corporate Partner Rates Available. 

Held at the GrassFire facility or your event. Digital meeting optional.

The Mastery Class is a one-off class customized to fit the needs of the student. These are deep-dives into a specific topic or concept and explores the various ways to master a topic based on the various skills learned during our development program.

While originally designed for LEIP students, these programs also work well for those who are not leadership trained and just need a little extra help or guidance. 

Customized Programs Include:

  • Parenting and Parental Leadership
  • Sales & Influence
  • Effective Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Education Pursuits
  • College and Dissertation Coaching

And So Much More!

$100 USD Initial Session
$40/hr. USD each additional hour

Generous Discounts Available for Corporate Partners and LEIP Students/Graduates. 

Available in office, over the Telephone, or Zoom Meeting

General Health Education

Sometimes we just want to live a healthier life but we don’t know where to start. Indeed, the internet can be a confusing place on the topic. I can help. In this program, I help you gather everything you need to make informed decisions about how to proceed and who to proceed with. 

This service provides:

  • Interpretation of complex health & wellness jargon
  • Behavior-based coaching and support
  • Nutrition and fitness ideas that support your healthy lifestyle
  • Research of peer-reviewed literature regarding healthy lifestyle approaches
  • Resources to help you find nutritionally competent physicians, personal trainers, and dieticians
  • Education & evidence-based answers regarding:
    • the principles of a healthy lifestyle
    • the principles and potential benefits of proper nutrition
    • the principles and potential benefits and disadvantages of certain eating habits
    • the principles and potential benefits of functional exercise
    • the potential benefits of protein, healthy fats, and other macronutrients
    • the potential benefits of evidence-based nutritional supplements
    • how supplements work and essential co-factors
    • the potential role of diet and nutritional supplements on cognitive function
    • the potential role of diet and nutritional supplements on weight loss and weight gain
    • the negative potential and disadvantages of various nutritional deficiencies

Printouts included upon request

$100 USD Initial Session
$40/hr USD each additional hour

Available in office, over the Telephone, or Zoom Meeting


Disclaimers: The “General Health Education” program is an education program rooted in health science principles. Dr. Robertson is not physician, dietician, or personal trainer. While his doctorate-level training in health science includes epidemiology, disease prevention, exercise prescription, health & fitness psychology, applied nutrition, supplementation, fitness training, and coaching (etc.), Kansas state laws dictate that this program does not include any diagnoses, treatment, or prescription regarding any specific condition or protocol.

Dr. Robertson is a health researcher and educator. The information provided in this program is not medical advice, a professional diagnosis, opinion, or treatment to you or any other individual. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care. You should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation, or the advice of your physician or other healthcare providers. Dr. Robertson is not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis, or additional information, services, or products you may or may not obtain or utilize as a result of the information you receive during this program. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CALL 911 OR YOUR PHYSICIAN.


I’ve been in professional leadership for many years. I’ve obtained leadership training all along the way, but I would state unequivocally that my decision to complete this training is the best professional decision I’ve ever made.
Jim Reynolds, MBA
Succentrix Business Advisors