An engaging orator, David speaks about the things that matter.

Public Speaking & Learning Opportunities

You can hire David for your next event or class. Standing on a concrete block and clinging to a light-pole, David began captivating large crowds at the age of 15. Since then, he has spoken about a variety of different topics to crowds both large and small. Let David inspire, teach and motivate your group.

Business Topics Include:

  • Your People Matter
  • Leadership isn’t about the Leader
  • Pareto’s principle and why it’s important to remember

Accepting Change by Expecting Change

  • What should we expect to change?
  • The Three Rule Method and its Proper Application
  • Pareto’s Prinicple

Other Popular Topics

Perspectives in Parenting Workshop – Being the Leader

  • Our real job as parents
  • What we never liked about our parents
  • The “Hypocritical Me
  • Consistency and the importance of it
  • The “Why” Game
  • The questions we should REALLY be asking
  • The risks of sheltering
  • Why we should encourage mistakes
  • New ideas about discipline

What the Future Holds

The future seems uncertain. Yet, we know that it will change. In this discussion, we explore what we should expect based on what we already know and how we should plan accordingly.

How to “Strategize” Your Debt

Too many people are living paycheck to paycheck. Between credit cards, loans, collections and so on, it’s hard for many to keep their heads above water. There is a way to fix it though but you need a strategy. It’s much more simple than one might imagine.

Natural Health Made Easy

  • Common misconceptions about health and things you might want to reconsider.
  • The basics of healthy living without the confusion of fad diets
  • Supplements you might actually need
  • What does nature say we need?

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