Professional Health & Wellness Coaching by GrassFire Yoga LLC


Yoga for men, women, beginners and even teachers; GrassFire Yoga LLC has what you need. Yoga is beneficial in so many ways. It can lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, increase flexibility and even increase muscle strength and tone.

But GrassFire Yoga LLC isn’t just about yoga; it’s about being healthy all the way around. Nutrition plays a big part in that.


An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year. An estimated 95% of all diets fail and most people regain any weight they lose within 5 years.  Many people find that taking a weight-loss journey can be restricting and overwhelming.  Frequently we find ourselves in a place where we know we need something different, but have a hard time pinpointing what needs to change.

  • Do you feel stuck and unable to lose weight?
  • Are you confused by all the information about what it means to be “healthy”?
  • Are you frustrated that you can’t have the body that you used to?
  • Do you have a laundry list of medications that seems to be getting longer?

These are all reason to schedule a complimentary initial consultation with GrassFire Nutrition coach Rachel Couch. Working with Rachel is different from going on a diet. This is not another wagon to jump on or fall off of. This is your opportunity to change your life and your relationship with food so that the word “diet” no longer requires a place in your vocabulary.

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