What Do You Need?

To Prove You Care

Are you interested in proving that your organization cares about its workforce?

To Secure the Pipeline

Are you interested in securing your organization’s future?

To Develop Your Talent

Are you interested in attracting and keeping quality talent?

To Set Yourself Apart

Do you want to be like most organizations that don't utilize Leadership Development?

Your Organization Needs Leaders

Not only does it need leaders today but it will need leaders tomorrow. Statistically, your organization is probably not addressing this problem effectively. This is because leadership development is not something most organizations know how to address. In fact, 61 percent of companies offer absolutely no leadership training at all, and many that do offer it are simply going about it all wrong.

The reality is that most of the successful companies don’t recruit their leaders; they grow their own via a comprehensive leadership development program! In fact, one of the key advantages of developing leaders internally is that they achieve productivity almost 50 percent faster than external candidates.(1)

Let's Look at the Numbers

Studies have shown that having a leadership shortage is one of the biggest barriers to organizational growth. Developing new leaders is the No. 1 talent challenge facing organizations worldwide, with 86 percent of companies rating it as “urgent” or “important.”(2)

Studies have also shown that skilled leaders are in short supply; with 85 percent of executives not confident in their leadership pipelines.(3)

This creates a systemic problem. Only 13% of companies say they do an excellent job developing leaders at all levels. If this sounds like your organization, you may be losing quality talent because employees describe opportunities to develop their leadership skills as their No. 1 reason for staying with an organization.(4)

Finally, not everyone is a leader when you need them to be. That’s why it is very important to groom employees that show an interest in potentially becoming a leader. Not only does this help keep good workers around longer, but it sets up your organization for success down the road when the need arises.

This may all sound like bad news or a daunting task to correct but GrassFire has the solution. Simply allow us to facilitate your leadership development needs.


Without hesitation, I would recommend David Robertson to any organization seeking a gifted resource to assist with leadership and talent development activities within their hierarchy.

Randy Doerksen, CFO of Meritrust

What Can GrassFire Do For You?


Corporate Leadership Training & Leadership Interventions

We will work with your current leaders to ensure that they are on the right page. Corporate Leadership Development is a need for all organizations and GrassFire is here to facilitate that for your organization. If this is your need, then, by all means, let’s get that started right away.

Leadership Pipeline Prep

You must also consider your leadership pipeline. Make leadership development a part of your leader’s scheduled training. We can work around your organization’s schedule by holding our sessions during the day, in the evening or even on some weekends. There are plenty of options and ways that we can work together to ensure the best for your organization.

Leadership Development as a Benefit

Have you ever thought about making leadership development a benefit for your organization? Setting it up this way allows your workers to participate in leadership development in their time.

That’s right! Employee benefits don’t have to be limited to healthcare and 401ks. Imagine being able to add a benefit to your organization’s benefits package that includes a benefit that fits both the needs of your organization and the needs of your employees; something that proves you care but also addresses your organization’s need to develop future leaders. You would be the hero, and in doing so, your employees will enjoy the opportunity to learn about setting and achieving goals, change management, problem-solving, planning, overcoming fear, making decisions and designing strategies, communicating, building relationships, getting promoted and so much more.

The preferences and needs of both your organization and your workforce are changing. Maybe it’s time that your organization considers accommodating those preferences and needs.

Contact us today and let us customize a program to fit your needs.



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4 Deloitte University Press, Leaders at all levels, 2014