Our Talent and Career Coaching programs are for two specific purposes: helping you put your best face forward and finding a great job.

Why Choose Amber?

Amber is an experienced Senior Lead Recruiter with an extensive history of working in the Human Resources industry. She is skilled in HR Consulting, Coaching, Sales, Executive Search, and Technical Recruiting. She is a strong human resources professional who is ready to help you achieve your career and job searching goals.

This program is perfect for…

  • Professionals seeking a different role in their company
  • Professionals looking to find a different career
  • Unemployed individuals seeking employment
  • Military professional in transition

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If you are going to be making a decision regarding your career, you want to make sure you’re making the right decisions. Amber is a long-time professional recruiter and HR professional who will be able to help guide your career toward the next step.

Let’s talk a little bit about what our service provides you.

Resume Review & Goal Discovery

Whether you are seeking a job or looking to change gears and get out of the job you are currently in, your first move should be to talk with Amber. You wouldn’t take a flight, sale a boat or take a trip without a plan, and you shouldn’t make career choices without on either. Amber will help you formulate a plan that will keep you moving forward.

Your first session is a telephone call where Amber gets to know who you are what your goals are. You will talk about your resume and your work history (among other things). Then you will discuss reasoning and strategy. This is the beginning stages of your career plan centered on your personal wants and needs.

Resume Writing & Networking

From there, a review of your resume or the writing of your resume begins. A solid resume is critical to the success of this program. By the time Amber is done, you will have a polished resume that is ready to present to your prospective employers and a solid plan of how you’re going to move forward. This may include a job search strategy or even potential interview opportunities.

Then you both will get to work on your LinkedIn account. Networking is very important it today’s business world and LinkedIn makes it easy to network and job-search at the same time. Having a solid profile helps you present yourself the way you should be presented, not how you accidently shouldn’t.

Interview Practice

The next session is your Interview Practice and Feedback. Interviewing for a job is an art but even the best artists have to learn how to use their tools first. Amber will make sure you’re ready to walk into that interview room prepared to handle business.

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