ICT LEADS, a business development group in Wichita, Kansas, is coming back!

ICT LEADS took a hiatus due to COVID. However, the leadership team has discussed it and decided to bring it back. Beginning in November of 2022, the group will begin accepting participants needing business development and those seeking to help other small and medium-sized business owners in their endeavors.

While elements of this resurrection are still being worked out, those that might be interested in participating are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Check out ICTLEADS.net to get a better sense of what the group is about
  2. Think of ways that the group can help but also ways you can help the group
  3. Reach out to someone on the leadership team to inquire about participation – this list is available on the website.

We look forward to starting back up and welcoming back the group!

See you then!

GrassFire Industries LLC is a proud participant of ICT LEADS – Where Wichita Leads the Way!