In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some research that I have conducted regarding leadership development. This research will be shared via LinkedIn. The reason for choosing LinkedIn over some peer-reviewed journal is because I believe this information is extremely important for organizations to access and because when it comes to organizational decision-makers, most are not browsing the journals to find the information they require.

The importance and effectiveness of leadership development across organizational hierarchies remain a topic of debate among leadership experts and organizational leaders. This debate often centers around value, expense, return on investment, and measurement. The examination I will provide explores recent literature and provides tremendous insight into the root of the circular reasoning plaguing many organizations while also exposing fundamental confusion regarding the underlying cause and effect paradigm that may be the root of organizational hindrances.

Organizational and leadership confusion drive misconceptions about the value and need of leadership development. Misplacing responsibility for leadership development failures puts organizations at risk. When the research suggests that leadership development works, but leadership development initiatives are avoided or appear to fall short of expectations, exploring possible causes seems prudent.

The research will be released as a series comprised of the following:

  • Part 1: Organizational Development Needs
  • Part 2: The Reality of Leadership Development
  • Part 3: Leadership Development Evaluations and Limitations
  • Part 4: The Right Trainer & The Novice Factor
  • Part 5: Management vs. Leadership
  • Part 6: Organizational Culture

Keep an eye out for it. It could be valuable information to have at the ready.

Thanks for the interest!

Dr. David Robertson