Wichita, Kansas November 23, 2020 – Due to the continued issues surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic, GrassFire Industries, your premier leadership and talent development firm, has announced that 2019 pricing will remain going into 2021.

At the beginning of 2020, and in light of the economic struggles associated with the COVID pandemic, GrassFire Industries announced that our low 2019 prices would continue throughout 2020 to help our Wichita and surrounding area partners gain the training they needed at a price that fit the training budget. In light of the second surge of the virus, and due to the continued economic struggles our city, state, and country faces, GrassFire will continue our low pricing so that individuals and organizations can participate in this revolutionary program in a time when it is needed most.

We live in a time of unprecedented change. We must embrace the fact that doing things status quo will only result in familiar outcomes. We need new and innovative ideas if we are seeking prosperity. Unfortunately, over 70% of change initiatives will fail. This is often because most have never been shown another way. You and your organization can have something better. Statistically speaking, real and lasting change, adaptability, and innovation can be had through quality leadership and talent development. That’s where GrassFire comes in.

You need results, and you need them fast! Different times require different methods. GrassFire’s unorthodox approach to leadership and talent development might be exactly what you are looking for. Not only does it provide quality results, but the custom delivery ensures that perfect fit. But please, do your research. Check out our testimonials and see for yourself why GrassFire is more than you can ever expect. At GrassFire, it’s not about “WHAT” leadership is; it’s about “HOW” to do it. Contact us today for your free consultation. There is no obligation to see if GrassFire is right for you!

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