Wichita, Kansas – GrassFire Industries LLC – Leadership Development, is pleased to share a major victory for one of GrassFire’s graduates and his company, Ember Technology, LLC.

Graduate Jonathan Sanchez, his partner Tariq Azmi, and his team at Ember Technology, LLC., have been recognized by The Kansas Small Business Development Center, at the state Capitol in Topeka, as one of 2020s Emerging Small Businesses.

That is fantastic news! No doubt that Kansas will continue to see great things from Ember Technology LLC in the coming months and years.

Congratulations guys! It is well-deserved.  

Ember Technology LLC is a provider of technical, operational, and fiscal services to the healthcare and financial industries. Learn More: https://www.embertechnology.com/

Also, check out their LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ember-technology-llc_embertechnologyllc-firestarters-activity-6641389276082823168-TIR9

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