Wichita, Kansas – GrassFire Industries LLC CEO, David M Robertson, addressed a small crowd of veterans from Sedgwick Plaza and Vintage Park at Waterfront and their families earlier today. In a celebration of their life, their veteran status, their numerous accomplishments and the amazing life they continue to lead, Robertson spoke of Vision, Purpose and Goals and the power of bravery.

I didn’t need to tell these great folks about bravery but it was an amazing opportunity and I’m thankful that I was chosen for it”, Robertson said. “Honestly, I shouldn’t have been the one speaking; I should have been sitting there listing to them. What a wealth of knowledge all packed into one room. To say it was an honor is simply an understatement and I hope I can do it again someday.

Robertson was very impressed with what he called their “Hall of Fame”, which is a wall of pictures dedicated to the brave veterans that currently reside there. “It was humbling! I don’t think they make them much like that anymore,” Robertson said. The veterans in attendance included men from WWII, Korea and more. Robertson also noted how refreshing it was to start the morning off with the Pledge of Allegiance. “I don’t get to see that too often these days!

A big thank you goes out to Jessica at Sedgwick Plaza for the opportunity and consideration. Thanks for letting GrassFire be a part of such a wonderful event.

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