Wichita, Kansas – GrassFire Industries LLC CEO, David M Robertson, announced today the publication of a new book titled “Sales Academy 101”. While more of a booklet, it’s a basic overview of ethical sales techniques and principles. It also happens to be the sales manual for GrassFire Industries LLC.

Available on, the book covers the basics of approach, closing, feature/benefit and so on. What started out as nothing more than the sales training guide for his GrassFire team has turned into another publication in an ever-expanding list for David. Sales Academy 101 is published via David’s publishing label DMRPublications.

For me it’s about transparency”, said David Robertson, CEO of GrassFire Industries LLC. “I have said on the website and in our printed materials that we are all about integrity and only selling things that we totally believe in. What better way to share how I view the sales process with the world than to publish our sales manual? I want our potential customers to know how serious we take all of this; they are not just pretty things to say.

You can pick up your copy on Amazon by clicking here. Are you interested in using the sales guide for your sales beginners? Contact GrassFire today to learn how you too can utilize the same guide.

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