Derby, Kansas – Our sister company, GrassFire Yoga LLC, is making headlines!

Reporter, David Dinell of the Derby Informer recently wrote a story titled “New Yoga Studio Opens on East Madison”. In it, he helped spread the news of GrassFire Yoga’s recent opening. In addition, he mentioned GrassFire Industries and our Leadership Development programs.

Thanks for the shout-out, David!

Read the article here:

GrassFire Yoga has been open now for a mere two weeks and is already making a splash. In fact, Yoga’s Facebook following topped 200 earlier today. Soon, Yoga will be providing retail items including GrassFire Yoga gear and a variety of other health related products.

GrassFire Yoga LLC is a Yoga, Health and Wellness company founded and headquartered in Derby, Kansas. Its mission is to provide a calm, welcoming and safe space for everyone interested in exploring yoga, enhancing their understanding of nutrition, and experiencing steadiness and balance in day-to-day life. Learn more at