Derby, Kansas – GrassFire Industries LLC is pleased to announce that GrassFire Yoga LLC is now under construction and will be open in the very near future.

GrassFire Yoga LLC is a Yoga / Health and Wellness studio headed up by our very own Rachel (L.E., CBE). Here, she will teach both Ashtanga Yoga and Health Principles rooted in the Briobiotic Protocol and related principles such as Precision Nutrition.

Though an opening date has not been set in stone as of yet, a soft opening is expected towards the beginning of October and a Grand Opening is expected in mid-October. You can sign up for classes now though as class schedules are already being put together. Be sure to check out for more details and dates.

It’s really exciting to see the vision in my mind become a reality,” Rachel said. “I’m excited because we are going to make health and wellness accessible to everyone; both men and women. The best part is that people are not going to have to structure their lives around our schedule because we are going to structure ours around theirs.

And unique it will be! As Rachel said, it’s not just Yoga; it’s also Health and Wellness Coaching! There really isn’t going to be anything similar to it South of Kellogg. The buzz has already begun and everyone in the GrassFire family is excited to see it launch in the coming weeks.

GrassFire Yoga’s mission is to provide a calm, welcoming and safe space for everyone interested in exploring yoga, enhancing their understanding of nutrition, and experiencing steadiness and balance in day-to-day life. We desire to equip students and teachers with the tools needed to reach the fulfillment of their ambitions. We are here to expand the borders of our community.  GrassFire Yoga will diligently work to continually educate and be educated by the relationships built within our community.

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