Wichita, Kansas – At GrassFire Industries LLC, we take security very serious. Not just for ourselves but also for our current and potential clients. That’s why we’re pleased to announce SSL encryption for our website effective August 13, 2018.

Even though we don’t collect information from our visitors (including passwords, visitation habits and so on), and even though we don’t collect payments through our website, it is clear that security is a must in all situations. We just don’t want to take the chance.

“My first degree was in security management,” said CEO David Robertson. “I understand the importance of security and I want everyone to feel safe when they visit our website.”

Though not required by all browsers, Chrome specifically began to demand SSL certificates back in July of 2018. An SSL certificate is the industry standard for securing data passed between a server that hosts a website on one end, and a visitor’s web browser on the other. Any site without one is now marked as “Not Secure” by Chrome.

With our new SSL certificate, our clients can be confident that their information is protected from anyone who might want to steal or misuse it.