Wichita, Kansas – GrassFire Industries LLC is pleased to offer Nutrition Coaching.

Rachel Couch L.E., CBE, a coach of exercise nutrition, yoga and so much more, will begin offering her services through GrassFire Industries LLC beginning June 18th, 2018.

At GrassFire, we take personal development very serious, so adding a nutritional element just makes sense. Rachel agrees. “The dynamics of the GrassFire concept is so unique,” Rachel said. “Being able to offer clients comprehensive guidance from skilled professionals, each of us with our unique niche, means that not only can people improve the health of their bodies, but they can also take charge of their lives and really live out their life’s purpose with the skills and know-how they need to conquer obstacles that may come up along the way.

Rachel offers basic and comprehensive nutrition coaching programs ranging from “Fundamentals of Food” – which is designed for the person needing guidance on what kinds of food you should be consuming to programs like “Total Transformation” for those who serious about transforming their current situation into a much healthier one. In addition, she offers unique yoga classes that are changing the way people view yoga.

Ultimately I hope for everyone that I work with to become the expert on their own health and essentially eliminate their need for me,” Rachel told us. “GrassFire provides a platform to connect with people who are ready, willing, and able to take an honest look at their lives and take the action needed to reach their fullest potential in so many areas. Working with people to improve their health while also being able to facilitate connections to coaches that can help them level up in their professional and personal relationships means that I have the opportunity to witness greatness in the making. When our lives and bodies are functioning in unison with each other we can truly live our lives free of limits. Helping people realize this is what it’s all about. This is the most rewarding part of what I do.

Want to learn more? Check out her page on our website and then schedule your free consultation to discover if one of our programs is right for you! Don’t wait to transform you life into something you love.

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