Wichita, Kansas April 2, 2018GrassFire Industries LLC, the multi-service company headed up by David Robertson; a man known for his unorthodox way of doing business, is expanding its efforts this week and opening a new location in Wichita, Kansas. Located at 8406 W Maple St, Wichita, KS 67209, this office will officially open on April 4th and will offer customers an opportunity to visit with the CEO (David Robertson) in a more intimate way.

Robertson expressed enthusiasm about the new launch, stating “I love this place! I think it will be good for the company and I think it will be great for our customers because it’s so much easier to get to than our other facilities and it’s so much better than a phone call. Of course, what impresses me most is the classroom. We’ve been trying to find a location with enough space to hold different classes and networking events and this location has one that is just about the perfect size for what we are going to be doing.

The new location will be the headquarters for the bulk of GrassFire’s expansion operations within the next several months. Robertson plans to hold classes covering topics such as “Understanding Marketing”, “Active Shooter Scenario Workshops”, and many more.

Considering GrassFire’s recent and rather rapid growth and the limited space of this new location, it is unclear what the expansion plan will be moving forward. However, Robertson is confident that this location will play a continued role in the years to come, regardless of what kind of growth GrassFire experiences.

GrassFire Industries LLC is a multi-service company founded and headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. Its goal is to make life easier for businesses, the public and its employees. Their vision is simple: to be your most loved and trusted service provider. Learn more at