Notice something different about us? Well, a simple spark was unleashed in the fields of Kansas; a rebirth of integrity and service oriented business with a personal touch. But something is different this time. The winds of change are blowing hard and that spark has turned into a flame. That flame has taken hold and has begun to spread. Now a full blown GrassFire has begun and we plan to fan the flames so that it consumes as many fields as possible.

We chose “GrassFire Industries LLC” as our name because as many of us in Kansas can tell you, a grass-fire starts small and spreads quickly. Additionally, not only are they hard to put out but they consume everything in their path. That sounds like a bad deal but as people from Kansas will also tell you, a field of fresh healthy grass is what comes next.

GrassFire Industries LLC wants a similar outcome. We want to spread fast and burn down old ways of coaching and teaching by providing a solid platform of learning that doesn’t feel like learning. Why? Because it’s better that way. Additionally, GrassFire Industries LLC wants to help create a fresh and healthy way of doing business where prices are more about sustainability than major profits and big bonuses.

The fire has started. We hope you help fan the flames by partaking in our services and sharing our hopes and dreams with your loved ones.