Life altering results!

My growth had been noticed just after a few courses. I would and have recommended this course to others as it has given me the tools to move forward with my goals and be successful in all aspects of life!

My Outlook on Life Has Changed

I truly believe everyone should invest in their personal and professional growth by taking this class.  One of the best parts for me now, is when someone says “there is something different about you”  or “you seem more relaxed”, etc.  These comments tell me that people are noticing the changes I’m implementing and that it’s working!

The Results are Absolutely Magical

I was looking for something to teach me how to be a good leader in order to run my business better, but what I got was a completely new outlook on life. It’s transformed not only how I conduct business, but also my relationships, my self-image, and even my purpose. There is not a single aspect of my life that hasn’t been affected for the better. (Click the title for the full story.)

You won’t regret taking this leadership course.

David’s one-on-one strategic leadership training was just the medicine I needed to get out of my business slump. The changes and improvements I was able to make in building my business in just a few short weeks were all due to the encouragement from David and the skills and information he provided on life as leadership. Even if you don’t have a business currently, David gives you the skills you need to take a leadership role in your life as a parent, daughter, friend, spouse, and human being! You won’t regret taking David’s life-changing leadership course.

This program would be beneficial for anyone

The one-on-one tailored experience combined with the programs natural integration of leadership skill into all aspects of life make it easy to live and act more strategically as a leader. Concepts and tools I learned have stuck better and made a much more noticeable lasting change then other leadership courses I’ve taken. Dave teaches transformational leadership by helping people to transform themselves.  As Dave says – Life is leadership and leadership is life. (Click the title for the full story.)

Do yourself and your people a favor

I gained new insights and tools in key areas such as delegation, having effective one on one’s, casting vision, giving feedback, developing others, leading meetings, and more. What will help the most are the resources GrassFire provided to allow me to continually improve as a leader. (Click the title for the full story.)

The best professional decision I’ve ever made

I would submit to current or aspiring leaders – avail yourself to this training. It will provide you with skills and tools that will revolutionize your life and business that you won’t get from conventional leadership training. Thank you, David, for your dedicated investment in me! It is paying off! (Click the title for the full story.)

Life Changing Results

My first meeting can honestly be described as skepticism. I wasn’t sure how you were going to change my circumstances. I had no clue that the discussions and education I received from you would open my mind personally to allow life changing results (which will be a work in progress). (Click the title for the full story.)

All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

This program is not just for Adults. I was struggling with my 16 year old daughter. It was looking like the last resort was medicating her. Then I came across this program. I enrolled her and all I can say is THANK YOU!!! Thank you, David, for giving me my daughter back. (Click the title for the full story.)

Everything changes with this program.

For too long, I allowed a fear of failure to hold me back. Thankfully, through a change in perspective, I had flipped fear into empowerment and a world of opportunity. Everything changes with this program. David has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I definitely recommend this program. (Click the title for the full story.)