I Highly Recommend

I have gone to a coupe of leadership classes but this is by far the best experience I have had, he is very personal and takes the time to make each lesson relatable.

I am a Different Person

David helped me find the person and the leader that has been inside of me all along. I am now a person who truly embraces change and no longer fears risk. I am a better person having completed this program and am excited to begin my journey as a LEIP graduate.

David offers something different

Course content isn’t delivered in the traditional sense which is almost always one-way.  Instead, it is one-on-one interaction with a natural progression that reveals your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you how to improve or use both. For me, it opened my eyes to new information, reinforced many core leadership principles that have always been important to me, and helped me to chart a course for future growth and success.  But most of all it provided me with a RESET button that I didn’t even know existed when I started.

I am so grateful!

His unique, powerful, and intimate approach with one-on-one guidance far exceeded my expectations. I learned how to lead myself into success, new ways to approach parenting, how to work with others as an independent contractor, and how to structure my yoga therapy business in a way I can help my clients reach their goals

I Feel I Am Better Equipped Now

This program gets 5 Stars! This program sharpened my leadership skills and gave me many new tools to use in every facet of my life. I saw many changes in my leadership skills and I feel I am better equipped now to be a leader in my organization.

Life altering results!

My growth had been noticed just after a few courses. I would and have recommended this course to others as it has given me the tools to move forward with my goals and be successful in all aspects of life!

My Outlook on Life Has Changed

I truly believe everyone should invest in their personal and professional growth by taking this class.  One of the best parts for me now, is when someone says “there is something different about you”  or “you seem more relaxed”, etc.  These comments tell me that people are noticing the changes I’m implementing and that it’s working!

The Results are Absolutely Magical

I was looking for something to teach me how to be a good leader in order to run my business better, but what I got was a completely new outlook on life. It’s transformed not only how I conduct business, but also my relationships, my self-image, and even my purpose. There is not a single aspect of my life that hasn’t been affected for the better. (Click the title for the full story.)

You won’t regret taking this leadership course.

David’s one-on-one strategic leadership training was just the medicine I needed to get out of my business slump. The changes and improvements I was able to make in building my business in just a few short weeks were all due to the encouragement from David and the skills and information he provided on life as leadership. Even if you don’t have a business currently, David gives you the skills you need to take a leadership role in your life as a parent, daughter, friend, spouse, and human being! You won’t regret taking David’s life-changing leadership course.

This program would be beneficial for anyone

The one-on-one tailored experience combined with the programs natural integration of leadership skill into all aspects of life make it easy to live and act more strategically as a leader. Concepts and tools I learned have stuck better and made a much more noticeable lasting change then other leadership courses I’ve taken. Dave teaches transformational leadership by helping people to transform themselves.  As Dave says – Life is leadership and leadership is life. (Click the title for the full story.)